How to Digitalizelly Restore Old Photos with Best 3 Ways

restore old photos

Past time leaves a great legacy carried by old photos bounding all our family members and memories together. But time also leaves fractures, scratches, and sepia on old photos. Some AI enthusiasts have tried to restore old photos by using AI and obtained great results, and so the three best ways are.

Best 3 Ways to Restore Old Photos

1. How to digitally restore old photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

Step 1: Digitalize old photos

Scan the photos you want to restore onto PC to make them digitalized.

Step 2: Access VanceAI Photo Restorer

Use the link in the title to access VanceAI Photo Restorer. Click on “Upload Image” to open the workspace.

AI Photo Restorer

Step 3: Upload old photos to restore

Upload the image to the designated area and hit the Start to Process button to complete the old photo restoration.

VanceAI Photo Restorer Upload Start

Step 4: Download the result

Click on the download icon to save the result.

VanceAI Photo Repair Restorer Save

Optional Step: Use VanceAI Photo Colorizer

Generally, the old photos are black and white. As a full-suite online photo editing and enhancement tools provider, VanceAI also has an online tool that allows you to make black and white photos colorized. You may try it to further restore old photos.

AI Photo Colorizer

2. How to digitally restore old photos with has done a great job in dealing with old photos, such as colorizing and restoring old photos. If your photo has severe scratches, you may use this one to remove them.

Step 1: Access and choose its AI Photo Restorer.


Step 2: Upload your image to the designated area and click restore.

Hotpot Upload

Step 3: After the processing finishes, you may download the result.

Hotpot Download

3. How to digitally restore old photos with MyHeritage?

Unlike the other two mentioned above, MyHeritage also allows you to adjust the restoration manually when you are not satisfied with the automatic-generated results.

Step 1: Go to MyHeritage and sign with an account.


Step 2: Go to Photos and Click Enhance Photo.

Myheritage Enhance Photo

Step 3: Select a photo and upload it to this online tool. Then You may click Repair to manually adjust the restoration.

Myheritage Upload

Optional Way Helps you Further Restore Old

You might also wonder if there is a way to add colors to your old photos. Here it is! is a completely free online tool to help you further restore your old photos. Try it now with unlimited free credits to make your old black and white photos colorful!

Colourise Online


Now, you can easily get old photos restored anywhere as long as you have web-based AI tools like Vance AI.  What are you waiting for? Pick one and upload your image. Get your first photo restored by yourself to amaze your families. Also read: How to Enhance Photo Resolution with Best 3 Ways

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